Why Am I Not Receiving Email Notifications?

There are a few possible reasons why you're not receiving our email notifications:

Your auction notifications are going to a folder other than your main inbox

To see if this is the case, you can try searching for admin@nmestateauctions.com or James in your Spam/Junk or trash folders. If you find your emails in a different folder, there are a couple of ways you can make sure auction notifications from us go directly to your inbox, depending on which email client you use:

For Gmail users

Try searching your Gmail inbox for in:anywhere James. This will search every folder, including the trash bin, for any emails with the name James.

  1. This will usually reveal where the emails are in your inbox. Once you find where they are hiding out, you can try dragging a James email from your "Promotions" folder (or another folder) and dropping it into your "Primary" inbox.
  2. You should receive a pop-up that says, "Do you want to do this for every email associated with this sender?".
  3. Select "Yes," and that should solve the problem.
  4. You can also add our email address to your contact list and star some of our notification emails.

For other email service providers
If you use Yahoo, AOL, or another email service, you can try adding admin@nmestateauctions.com to your Contacts or your Safe Senders list or whitelisting our domain nmestateauctions.com. If that doesn't work, you might want to set up an auto-filter to move the emails to your main inbox.

You’ve accidentally unsubscribed or marked our emails as spam
If you mark any of the emails you receive from us as spam, our system automatically unsubscribes and blocks you from receiving any of our notifications. This same situation occurs if you forward our emails to a friend and mark the email as spam.

If you think this may have happened to you, please email our Member Success team at admin@nmestateauctions.com from your registered email address. We're happy to help!

Our email service has bounced you from our mailing list
This happens most often to email addresses with lots of numbers in them, including the word “spam,” or are hosted on a less-common domain than, say, Google or Yahoo. If any of these things are true of the email address you signed up with, then you may want to consider having your auction notifications sent to a different email address.

If you think you have been bounced from our list, please email the Member Success team at admin@nmestateauctions.com from your membership email address. We'll get it figured out for you!

Your email service provider is filtering out our emails before they can get to you
This happens most often with work emails or emails hosted by smaller websites, and it is especially common with Comcast email addresses.

If this is the case, please contact your network administrator or email provider to see about whitelisting our domain nmestateauctions.com.

Alternatively, you can always change the email address associated with your account if you can. Gmail addresses usually work best with our service.

More Questions? Contact Support